28 August 2011

Diet Soda Risks

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People drink diet soda because it has no calories or because caffeine can suppress appetite, but are the risks to your health worth it?

The first diet soda was a calorie free ginger ale called No-Cal that came out in 1952, and the industry blossomed from there.  As the world grew more health conscious, diet soda became more and more popular.

When it comes down to calories I tend to chose things with the lesser amount, but when it comes down to soda I very rarely chose any at all.  More and more studies are coming out showing that diet soda just isn't worth it.

According to the Framingham Heart Study diet soda is not a good health choice for dieters.  It is associated with increased metabolic syndrome.  It also found that 48% of subjects drinking diet soda were at a higher risk for weight gain.  Another interesting finding was that diet soda drinkers were less likely to consume healthy foods because of the increased cravings for sweet foods associated with artificial sweeteners.

There is also the caffeine.   Consumption of too much caffeine can cause insomnia, jitters, and high blood pressure to name a few.  I can't say that I never have any, but I can say that I don't like being addicted to caffeine as many of us are today.  A substance that will give me a headache if I don't have it is not a good thing to consume in my book.

With these risks in mind I try and opt for some nice fresh sparkling water.

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