06 March 2012

10 DIY Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Fresh

Recently my curiosity inspired an article about candles and fragrances to discover if those delightful smells were a good addition to a healthy home.  It turned out they were not, but there were healthier options.

This got me thinking about other fragrance options for the home.  My husband is a big fan of fresh smells, and scented plug in products, but there has to be a healthier way to create those good smells.  

With some thought and research I was able to come up with 10 DIY solutions for natural ways to make you home smell fresh.  The best part about all of these ideas is that they are so easy, and even more affordable then the chemical laden store bought products that most people use.  I am very excited to share my results with you, and even purchased some new essential oil flavors for my home in honor of this post.

 Check back tomorrow for the retail version of this list if you are not the DIY type.  Also later this week I will be posting my favorite essential oil blends, and solutions for natural bug repellant.

10 DIY Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Fresh
  1. Essential Oil Spray - This is the quickest, and easiest way to spruce up the smells in your home.  Just take 1/2 cup (8oz) of water and mix with 20 drops of your favorite essential oil.  I really like this spray bottle for the project because it is just the right size!  You can find essential oils online or at your local health food store in a wide variety of delicious smells.  I really like lavender for its relaxing qualities or you might try a sample pack to find your favorite.  A bottle of essential oil will go a long way so this is a quick, and affordable option.
  2. Hidden in the Bathroom - Once you have some essential oils in your home another way you can use them to freshen up a room is to take a cotton swab and dip each end in the essential oil.  Fasten it inside your toilet paper roll or behind the toilet bowl for a fresh smelling bathroom.
  3. Bedroom Pillow Scents - For a sweet nights sleep take a cotton ball and dip in lavender, chamomile or sage and slip into your pillow case.  This will give you a subtle calming fragrance.  For something a little stronger add several drops of essential oil to a damp washcloth and throw in the dryer with your sheets.
  4. Hanging Air Refresher - A quick and easy way to create a hanging air fresher for your car or home is to take some fabric (a piece of an old towel will work fine), and soak in 20-40 drops of your favorite essential oil.  The more you add the stronger your fragrance will be.
  5. Lemon Fridge Refresher - Take a large lemon and slice in half.  Remove the insides, and fill with coarse salt.  Put in the back of your refrigerator to absorb those funky smells.
  6. Gel Air Freshener - Put those essential oils to work again with this easy tutorial on how to make your own gel air freshers from Instructables.
  7. Simple Shakable Baking Soda Air Fresheners - This is a project that works well for every room in the house.  First find a container with a lid - a glass jar, coffee can or small plastic food container will all work well for this project.  Carefully poke some holes in the lid of the container.  Depending on the container size fill about 1/2 way with baking soda, and add drops of essential oil until you get a nice smell.  Place where you need a fresh smell, and shake up to revive the scent every once in awhile.
  8. Crock Pot Kitchen Solution - If kitchen smells are your nemesis then this project by A Year of Slow Cooking is the perfect solution for you.  Simple, but unique!
  9. The Power of Lemon - I love to harness the power of lemon for cleaning projects, but it also works well to refresh the air.  Bring about 8 cups of water to a boil and add a sliced lemon and lime.  Trun down heat to a simmer and enjoy the fresh smell.  Make sure to keep a close eye on your concoction, and add more water when it evaporates.  If you have any fresh herbs in your garden you can also add some mint, rosemary or basil to vary the smell.
  10. Lemon Oil Spray - Mix 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 1/4 cups distilled water and 2 drops lemon oil in a spray bottle for a fresh smelling liquid for the home.

What are your favorites?  Please feel free to share in the comments, and make sure to check back tomorrow for the retail options!

* This post contains affiliate links, but I was not paid by the manufacturer to review this product - I just like it! I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC's 16 CFR, Part 255. Images & text copyright 2012 Brooke Photo Studio


  1. Note : #7 is on my list this week - I saved the glass jar from our artichokes last night ;)

  2. Great tips! I really need some fresh smells in the bathroom! With 2 boys, it permanently smells:( So I will be trying #2.

  3. @hiker mom - the bathroom is the toughest place. I have 2 cats in that peruse one of mine and #2 works great for me.

  4. I love essential oils. Lavendar isn't one of my favorites though. Lemon is my fresh scent of choice -)

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  5. Citrus is close to my heart as well. I am on my way over to visit your blog.

  6. Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  7. These are excellent! I really love the q-tip idea!

  8. Love the idea of putting a cotton ball in the toilet paper roll. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks everyone for the comments! I will pop on over and visit your blogs.

  10. Newest follower from Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop. Following you on NetworkedBlogs and Linky Followers. I love this post and my favorite is #3 for bedroom pillow. I am definitely going to have to try that one.

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  12. Nice post on Beauty Tips for Home are very effective in a natural way to keep the home fresh, Thanks for nice content of providing.

  13. I like the q-tip in the toilet roll idea! That's actually really smart and sneaky! I've thought about getting some of the best scented candles and just lighting those but I guess that only masks a smell. I'll have to try some of your tips.

  14. Anonymous12/01/2013

    love every idea will be incorporating them in my cleaning routine

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