15 February 2012

Are Candle Smells Healthy?

I am picky about fragrances, but I found myself wondering if those candles I often light to scent the room are healthy.

From the American Lung Association: "Refrain from burning scented or slow-burning candles that have additives."  The additives in candles can change the color, scent, or way a candle burns.  They give candles the characteristics people want, but can also release toxins when they are burned.  Paraffin candles release carcinogens like benzene and toluene when they are burned which are hazardous to your health.

Here are some tips for making sure the candles you burn at home are healthy for your family :
  • Look for cotton or hemp candle wicks.
  • Avoid paraffin wax, instead choose beeswax or soy.
  • Choose candles with natural essential oils.
  • Look for organic candle companies.
  • Use quality air filters in your home, and change them often.
Not only are more natural candles better for your health, but they are better for the environment as well!  I put together a board on Pinterest with some of my favorite natural and organic candles.  Check it out and give me a follow while you are there.


  1. Hmm...never thought about all of this! Thanks for sharing this Brooke - going to check all of my candles right now - and maybe throw some away:-)

  2. I didn't think about it until I wrote this article! I was looking through my archive of images for new posts and then it occurred to me that the fake Christmas tree candle smell I love might not be as healthy as the real thing!

  3. Hi Brooke, I was wondering this the other day so was interested to see you'd written this post. I found your blog through the lovin' the weekend blog hop and am now following... looking forward to following your posts. I'm also gonna look you up on pinterest! I hope you can take a minute to check out www.shushkat.blogspot.com and follow if you like it :)

  4. @Shona I checked out your blog, and always give a follow back on Pinterest. It is good to connect!