22 November 2011

Spilling the Beans

This image was created to be a general food stock image, and has preformed well in several of my portfolios.  I don't often get to see how the images are used, but I can assume that this one would be found primarily in food settings.

I personally like to think of this image in another light.  To me it is more of a Spilling the Beans concept.  The variety of vibrant colored beans make me think of two children who are best friends, but always seem to tell each others secrets no matter how hard they try to stay quiet.

Once a secret is told there is a random spreading of details.  Some are forgotten, and others spread far from the source.  The spilling action of the beans in this colander reminds me of gossip and how it changes and evolves.  There are many different colors and you can never tell which ones will get farther then others.

I also enjoy these beans on a purely visual level.  The colorful variety is in contrast to the way we find most vegetables.  It is an inspiration to me not only to plan to cook something new, but also to keep new adventures in life. 

In the eyes of this photographer these are not just beans spilling out of a colander.


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  2. Anonymous11/22/2011

    I wish more artists would explain their art. It just looked like a spilled collander of beans to me. The explaination makes it come to life.

    Very cool!
    Cranky Old Man

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