23 November 2011

Taking Time for Yourself

Taking time for yourself is one of the best ways to keep your life in balance.  I am as busy as the next person, but I try to make a priority of fitting in some little life pleasures that allow me to take time for myself.  Here are some of my favorites.

Bubble Baths - Bubble baths aren't just for nighttime.  Sometimes I will take a middle of the day beak to cuddle up in some fluffy bubbles and clear my mind.  Not only does it warm me up on a cold day, but it also allows me to be more productive for the rest of the day.  It is so pleasant that I will often skip a morning shower and go directly to work so I can come home at lunch for a moment of relaxation.

Yoga - Exercise is good for the body and mind, and yoga is something you can do anywhere for any amount of time.  I love to fit in an hour exercise routine daily, but when I can't even just a few minutes of yoga can make a big difference in my day.  Sometimes I search out quick videos on You Tube or iTunes to do in front of my work desk to refresh my mind and body during a busy day.

Fizzy Water - Carbonated water is something I consider one of life's luxuries.  I use my Soda Stream to make a quick drink and if it is a nice day take a few minutes to sip on it in the fresh air.

Walking - At the end of the day my husband and I are both tired and worn out.  When we take the time to go for a walk we perk right up.  The conversation is always good, and we come home more relaxed and in a better mood then when we first ended the work day.  This is more of a challenge in winter when it gets dark earlier, but well worth the planning.

Personal Projects - Take some time for a personal project.  I know I am a work-a-holic so I have a hard time planning an activity that won't be profitable in some way.  When I can let go and do something creative for myself it opens my mind, and helps me to be more productive in the work aspects of my life.  This is one of the things I know I need to do more of in my life, and currently I do have a personal project in progress.  I am making a holiday wreath for the front door that will hopefully be something we hang for years to come.

Whatever it is that you consider a simple pleasure make it a priority to fit it into your life.  Some time spent nurturing yourself can make you even more productive in those other busy areas of your life.


  1. These are great tips! I find that taking a walk at the end of a long day can do so much to clear the mind. It's also my favorite time to reflect on life. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I am a huge fan of long walks ... I seem to have the best thoughts on them when I am alone, and the best conversations when I am with someone.