14 February 2012

Party Snacks

Cheese and crackers is one of my favorite party snacks, but how do you know which cheese to serve?  Here's a little bit of what goes through my mind when I am compiling a cheese and cracker plate for house guests.

Adventurous Cheese Lovers
  • Local artisan cheeses always make a good impression.  When I lived in NC there was a goat cheese farm nearby with a great selection.
  • Brie with apples, pears, and fruit spreads.  This pick is a good one for adding color to your party plate.
  • Shop for some exotic gourmet cheeses on a site like Amazon.
  • Blue cheese - the moldier the better!
  • Fresh baked bread from the bakery & assorted crackers
Scared Cheese Newbies
  • Irish Cheddar - It is sharp enough to be interesting, but cheddar enough to be familiar.
  • Havarti - A mild cheese that some people may have tried.
  • Monterey Jack - Everyone recognizes this cheese!
  • Apples - This fruit works well with a variety of cheese choices, and can add some color to your plate.
  • Fresh baked bread from the bakery & assorted crackers 
For any cheese platter remember not to crowd!  People need room to slice up the cheese without making a mess.  I like to pick 3 cheeses, some fruit, bread and crackers for my cheese trays, but you can also include things like preserved meats, smoked salmon, olives & capers if you like. 

Here's a little cheese selection I made on Pinterest for you to enjoy.  Feel free to add your favorite choices in the comments.

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  1. I love serving some different cheeses at a party. Adds lots of interest and one less thing on my list to make. Which cheese farm did you live by in NC? We just went to one this weekend near Pittsboro and the Chevre was absolutely amazing and the baby goats were worth the trip just to see.

  2. There is a great goat cheese farm in Hampstead, NC that we used to frequent. The husband is a fisherman so they always have fresh catch, and sell goats milk soap as well. It is on the coast near Topsail Island just off Route 17 (there is a small sign marking the turn). They also sell at the Poplar Grove Plantation Farmers Market in Hampstead, NC on Wednesdays, and the Farmers Market Downtown Wilmington, NC on weekends. Fresh, farm grown food is such a great luxury in life.

  3. I Brooke! I found you through the Tuesday hop, and am now following you through Linky and GFC :)

    I too love cheese, but tend to shy away from cheese plates because they always have crackers on them :(

    Thanks for sharing your local cheese farm!

    A Gluten Free Mom

  4. @Laura - thanks for stopping by both of my blogs! What is a good gluten free substitute for the crackers?

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment! Love this informative post dear, keep in touch ya...

  6. Nice post. You might be interested in how I do cheese and crackers. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/cheese-and-crackers.html

  7. Thanks Carole I will check it out!