13 February 2012

Weekly Meal Planning

Welcome to Week #3 of my meal planning experiment! So far it is saving me time, money, and grocery shopping which are all good things.  The meal plans are also proving to be helpful in trying out new recipes as well.

The way I see it is even if we don't cook exactly what is on the menu, I have food in the house for 6 complete meals which makes improvising easy if we are not in the mood for one of the dishes selected.  All of the recipes get printed out, and if they are good end up in my custom made cook book that I blogged about when I first started this blog.

One other tidbit - I am also finding myself taking more advantage of meats on sale, and family size portions to throw in the freezer.  I have gotten out of that meal by meal shopping mentality, and with this buying for a week list in mind I am getting better deals.  I do use coupons from time to time, but not in an extreme way.  I never buy anything I don't need for the next week.

So Week #3 here we go!

{old favorites}
Sausage Stuffed Shells with Garden Salad
Mushroom Herb Chicken with Green Beans
Pork Chops with Mushrooms & Shallots and a Garden Salad.
Grilled Steak with Mixed Grilled Vegetables
Cornish Game Hens with Stuffing & Tomato Cucumber Salad

{new recipes}
Turkey BBQ with Sweet Potato Fries & Steamed Corn

{baking project - if I have time!}
Black Bean Brownies as suggested by An Organic Wife

View my other meal planning blog entries at this link.  They are all packed with good recipes so enjoy!


  1. I do a weekly menu. I've been doing it for 12 years now. I even started a Menu Monday link up over on my blog. I love making menus.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I will check out your menu for the week.

  3. Iam a new follower from"Way Back Wed Hop" and would love to have you stop by as well, love meeting new friends and sharing my blog. ~Happy Valentines~ And I love new recipes, thanks for sharing
    Oh My Heartsie

  4. Karren - I will check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. such a fabulous idea to do a menu. don't know why I never do, so thanks for the encouragement!

  6. It is a big time saver - when I find time to do it ;)