25 August 2011

Eat Better America

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In my hunt on the web for new healthy recipe resources I discovered Eat Better America.  They have a section called Healthified that I enjoy where they take recipes and make substitutions to lower the fat and calories.  I think things like replacing pizza dough with a flour tortilla like in this Grilled Chicken Margarita Pizza are  good skills to learn.

The recipe that I did try was Healthified Spinach Dip with Artichokes.  Although I have to say I don't think it is very healthy or low calorie.  I thought this would be a good one to share for a party because in the end it is not very low calorie since the recipe is 10 servings!  Make sure you always check the serving size on everything that you eat because looks can be deceiving.  This is not a low calorie option to munch on with a friend, but if you have a party it can be a tasty option to bring along.  It is also best to eat this one with some fresh vegetables since bread for dipping is not allotted in the 120 calories per serving.  My husband and I liked the recipe.  We skipped dinner and had about 2 servings each and froze the rest for the future.  The only thing I would change is to use fresh steamed artichoke hearts instead of canned.  We are a couple that likes salty flavor, but this one came out too salty for both of us.

My overall view on the site is that the recipes are healthier, but not necessarily healthy or low calorie.  I still look at the ingredients, serving size and calorie counts before creating a dish.  This isn't my favorite resource, but to keep some variety in my cookbook I am adding it to my bookmark list.

Be aware when browsing this site that it is operated by General Mills so you will see references to their name brands throughout the page and in the coupons section.  When I shop I prefer to read the nutrition labels as I go and pick the healthiest option from the choices given to me in the store.  On the flip side it is a step in the right direction for large food corporations to care about eating healthy so I will be adding this one to my list of places to go when it is time to cook dinner.

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