20 August 2011

Fat 2 Fit Radio

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One of the main influences on how I eat is the theory over at Fat 2 Fit Radio.  In a nutshell they advocate eating the amount of calories that a person the size you want to be would eat.  This allows for a slow healthy weight loss, and for me a guideline of how many calories I need to eat to maintain my current weight.

In the past I always thought that I needed to diet the way of fad diet programs that put everyone at 1200 - 1600 calories, but in reality with my activity level I should be eating much more.  I was able to come off of a diet, eat more calories, and maintain my weight for a year with the guidelines on this website.  They use BMR (basil metabolic rate) to calculate the amount of calories you should be eating and have a tool on their website that makes it easy to use.

I am a believer that keeping healthy lifestyle tips top of mind keeps me on track, and this podcast is one of the things that I listen to on a regular basis.  The podcast is a combination of general tips as well as interacting with reader questions.  I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but there are plenty shared.  If you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

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