03 September 2011

Blog Review - 30 Bucks a Week

I just found an insightful blog written by a couple in Brooklyn, NY who is experimenting with eating vegetarian on $30 a week in the big city.  It is called 30 Bucks a Week and is the newest addition to my reading list.

Right from the start this concept appeals to me.  These aren't people eating off fast food dollar menus on the cheap, but a couple buying and cooking real wholesome food on a very tight budget.  They combine store sales, with a coop membership and a garden.  They post their grocery receipt weekly and the blog is filled with healthy recipes and meal ideas.

It is important for people out there to show that you can afford to eat healthy, and you can make nutritious choices without breaking the bank.  

What I like most about this blog is that you get a sense of real people living a good life.  It is not about spending money on a fancy juicer to eat healthier, it is about creating a lifestyle and living it.  I am inspired to learn some more about gardening.  As of yet my attempts to garden in the hot southern region of the USA have been mixed at best, but now that I am blogging on a regular schedule I have the perfect excuse to do some more research!

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