09 September 2011

Recycle Bank

Big corporations are catching on to the green trend.  Recycle Bank is a website where corporations have come together to provide rewards for people doing environmentally friendly tasks such as recycling a cereal box or recycling old electronics.  In turn you earn rewards which can be redeemed for discounts at a variety of companies - although I notice that the discounts are not all green themed like the way you earn them.

Some purists might put down a site such as this because it involves large companies who in the end are getting you to purchase from them with a discount.  I am more of a middle ground kind of thinker when it comes to things like this.  With the coupon craze so en vogue why not tap into that market of people to promote your brand, get some business with a discount, and get people to do something good for the environment at the same time?

Besides the earning and redeeming aspects of the site, there is also a blog with articles on basic topics such as packing a green lunch, and recycling cooking oil.  The posts are short and informative, with comments from readers adding to the discussion.

Overall this is a site that I would browse to get information, but I am not much of a coupon cutter so I will likely not be checking back to earn points to redeem.  Instead I will continue to be mindful of how my lifestyle impacts the environment, and continue to do my part to keeping the earth a healthy place for everyone to live.

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