24 October 2011

Monday Surprises

Monday's have always been one of my favorite days of the week. I am a bit of a neat freak so I never leave the studio messy on a Friday. When I come in Monday it is a fresh new start to the week. I have photo shoots lined up, a list of paper work and marketing activities to do. I am fresh and ready to roll.

When we lived up in Surf City, NC life was simple. It is a beautiful, isolated beach town where there isn't much else to do. We had a few places that we enjoyed hiking like Moore's Creek Battlefield, but spent more time looking for things to do then actually doing them. I would take the long car rides to relax and enjoy my husband's company.

Now that we are in a more urban area things are quite different on the weekends. We hop into the car with a plan, and even though we usually end up miles from home by the time we are done exploring, we spend more time actually doing things then ever before. We hike, explore and visit quirky museums. We laugh when the GPS takes us down long dirt roads to nowhere.

Which leads me to my new favorite thing about Monday's -- finding out what is on my camera! I am usually jumping right into a photo shoot on Monday morning so I get an extra treat when I grab the images off my camera. Now I have a whole collection of weekend images to sort through on my computer, and hopefully some will become blog entries. It has let me take my photography career where I photograph still life and products in the studio all week back to an artistic venture on the weekends where I photograph something interesting if it happens to be in my path. Some of these weekend images do end up in my stock portfolio, but most of them end up in my personal collection of memories.  It is refreshing to have some fun with photography, and not just have it all be work.

I'd love to show you some of my weekend images on this Monday post, but I am in the studio and work calls -- there is a photo shoot I must finish up with another on its heels before I can think about diving into the images that just came off the camera.  Lucky for this post I have plenty of stock photography images in my collection to illustrate these Monday words.

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