04 October 2011

Pumpkin Patch

There is nothing that I would rather do on a crisp Autumn day then visit a pumpkin patch.  When I opened the window over the weekend to find that a cool breeze had finally reached South Carolina I headed over to my computer to find a pumpkin patch nearby.

HDR Photograph I took at the local pumpkin patch.

My husband enjoys indulging my New England upbringing and after popping the address into our trusty-at-least-most-of-the-time GPS we hopped into my well traveled Mini Cooper and set out on a new adventure.

With the sunroof down I remembered a childhood filled with hay rides and adventures on the farm to find the perfect pumpkin for Halloween.  This moment marks the end of summer which signals to me a rush to enjoy the sunlight as the days shorten.  I started to build a list of places to walk, and fairs to see while at the same time dreading the moment that I want to jump out the door into nature when my husband comes home from work and I see that the sun has dropped too low into the sky for my adventure.

HDR Photograph I took at the local pumpkin patch.
Welcome to my favorite time of year.  It is time to explore.  You can find this farm at 2620 Hanscombe Point Road, Johns Island.

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