21 November 2011


I often shoot office themed stock photography, and when I saw this paperclip I knew it had to be a prop in one of my shoots.

The concept of #$%^ is so open to interpretation to me.  It can be the curse word of your choice, and is personalized in your mind depending on how you feel about your job the moment you see the image.  I love the versatility, intrigue and passion.

The challenges of my studio job are different then the things that used to bother me when I was doing a 9 to 5 in the office.  Now my frustrations come less from people and more from objects.  I have muttered a word or two when I accidentally bump into my shooting table and ruin a set up or when the gaffers tape becomes unstuck and a piece of the set comes tumbling down.  I become the most frustrated when the object I am photographing won't stay in the spot I want it to no matter how many different forms of adhesion I try.

In some ways the frustrating days can be even more rewarding to me then the easy ones.  They involve more challenges and problem solving.  At the end of a hard day I have usually learned something new, and there is nothing better then the next time I have to do the same task and it is quick and easy.  I am amazed at how with experience my skills continue to grow, making once tedious tasks a snap.  I am equally as amazed at how many new challenges I come across that need a solution that I never even imagined.

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