07 November 2011

Charles Towne Landing

I wanted to add Charles Towne Landing to my list of favorite places to walk in the Charleston, SC metro area, even though I visited on a camera-free weekend.

I am an admitted history buff so historical destinations are always on my list.  What I really liked about Charles Towne Landing was the 7 miles of walking trails to get my weekend exercise, and the variety of learning experiences along the way.  Due to the size of the site the parking lot was full when we arrived, but we met up with very few people along our journey.  It was a leisurely walk, and seemed like we had the place all to ourselves.

At the beginning of the trail you will find the entrance to the Animal Forest.  This part of the trail is a miniature zoo that is stocked with animals native to the Charleston, SC area.  You will find bison, elk and deer along with some more exotic offerings like bobcats and pumas.  The area is set up with plenty of space for each animal to roam so when you explore the paths it feels more like a nature hike then a trip to the zoo.  The walkway is shaded throughout which would be ideal on a hot summer day.

Following the trails throughout the rest of Charles Towne Landing you will come across a variety of historical markers and buildings.  There is even an archaeological display with commentary to shed some light on how scientists discovered the history of the area when it was first excavated.  There are also some lovely gardens to explore, and beautiful ocean views along the way.

Overall it was the perfect morning adventure and we were finished around lunch time.  A definite addition to my list of places to return.


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