08 November 2011

Cold Blues

I am one of those people who doesn't get sick very often so when I do I am not a happy camper!  With winter coming quickly here are some of the things that I do to help a pesky cold get better quicker.

1 - Get a flu shot to help prevent sickness before it finds you.  You can get one at your doctor, or local drugstore.
2 - Eat healthy and keep hydrated to keep your immune system in top working condition.  If you get sick hydration and a healthy diet become even more important to your recovery.
3 - REST.  Take the time to let your body heal.  Staying home from work not only helps you heal faster, but it prevents your co-workers from getting sick.
4 - Visit a doctor early.  They can tell you if antibiotics are appropriate or steer you to over the counter remedies that will be most helpful.
5 - Take a hot shower.  Steam can help clear clogged nasal passages and is soothing to a sore throat.
6 - Drink hot liquids to soothe a scratchy throat.  A mixture of honey, lemon and water works well.
7 - Get some fresh air.  Open a window to freshen the air in your room or if you are feeling up to it go for a short walk.  Salty ocean air is especially good for soothing a cold.
10 - Make sure to wash your hands often when you are out in public places where germs spread.  A little prevention can go a long way when you are well, and when you are sick help others by keeping those germs to yourself.  Carry some hand sanitizer in your purse for those times when the public bathroom runs out of soap.

Good luck to everyone this cold season - let's all try and stay healthy!

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