13 January 2012

Pill Popping Culture

I took this image as a reaction to the modern pill popping culture we live in.

There are people who fill a plate with vitamins instead of nutritious foods, not realizing that there are more natural enjoyable ways to nourish your body.  I am not opposed to a vitamin or two, but the media would make it seem as if there is a quick fix vitamin for any issue when in reality the best way to ensure your body has what it needs is by eating the proper variety of foods.

On the flip side there is the field of medicine.  People go to the doctor expecting a magic pill for their ailments which can lead to side effects, and another pill for a new problem.  I am not against modern medicine, but I don't always think that pills are the only answer.  I hope that as I journey into old age I will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not end up on a regiment of pill after pill.

This image shows how pills are eaten like food, and can be used to comment on modern health care and society in a variety of ways.


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  2. You're right, Brooke, our culture turns to pills for just about anything, and no doubt this has serious repercussions down the road. Thanks for following my blog, "Serving Through Words"! I'm looking forward to more of your work!

  3. Very true post! As a nurse, I defiantly see the obsession with the "fix it" pill. Some patients will even pretty much start throwing a tantrum if you tell them you don't have a pill to fix what they have.


  4. Amee - Thanks for stopping by this and my other blog Blueberry Squash. I just stopped by your blog and Facebook Page.

    Hi Gwendolyn & Rachel - Thanks for the feedback! I am excited I discovered both of your blogs.