03 February 2012

Prize Garden

With this unusually warm winter weather in the air, gardening has been on my mind.

First let me admit that I have never had a green thumb.  I have tried growing many a plant who sprout out of the ground green, and then eventually, no matter how much I water them, melt away in the hot summer sun.

My biggest achievement was a "lucky bamboo" plant that I purchased from Ikea, which lived until it was eaten by my cat.

I have given up on having a prize winning garden for now, but what I would love is a nice large patch of basil that I could use to cook with.  Making homemade pesto is one of my favorite dinners, and I can't always find the fresh basil that I need at the grocery store.
Fresh Pesto Recipe

2 Cups Basil
1/4 Cup Pine Nuts
2 tbsp Minced Garlic
1/4 Cup Olive Oil - you can add more to get your desired consistency if needed.

Throw everything in the food processor and blend well.  We don't have a food processor so we use our Ninja Blender to do the job.  It doesn't chop as smooth as a food processor would, but it does the trick.  This fresh pesto is great on bread with some goat cheese or with pasta. 

I am thinking I will try to grow some in a pot on the back porch once I am sure the weather will not turn cold again.  I have visions of a large healthy plant, but we will see what this year brings.

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  2. @Lady - Pesto is so easy! Once we made it the first time we wondered why we ever bothered with the canned version!

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  4. I don't have a green thumb either.

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