18 August 2011

Crunch Super Slim Down

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I am not knocking my gym, but sometimes the same old routine gets boring.  I have a gym that is walkable from my studio so for a long time I decided that I didn't have an excuse not to go.  It is small, quiet, and usually empty.  I never bother with the TV, and use the time to catch up on the various podcasts floating around on my iPod.  The selection is limited to treadmills, an elliptical, an exercise bike and various free weights.  I switch between the machines, and sometimes hop in the pool on a hot day.

Recently I discovered that my Netflix streaming video includes some work out video options so I decided to try a few.  For anyone who knows me in real life or was there when I attempted aerobics class in college - I am not the most coordinated person.  I need a video that is easy enough for me to follow along because when I am off cue I feel like I am not getting a good workout.

My favorite Netflix streaming pick is from the Crunch series called Super Slim Down.  It is a power yoga pilates mix that gives a good burn, but is easy to follow all at the same time.  It hasn't left my queue since I discovered it.  It starts with some yoga and then moves into pilates and abdominal work.  The video runs about 35 minutes so it is also a great workout for days when I don't have a whole hour to spend at the gym.

When I find a work out that I like I tend to do it over and over again until I get bored.  When I find some other good picks I will make sure to keep you posted!

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