17 August 2011

Skinny Taste

Photograph by Brooke Becker | Brooke Photo Studio Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

The blog has been up and running less then a month now, and I am meeting so many new and interesting people through comments, emails and Facebook.  One thing I have noticed is that everyone is talking about Skinny Taste so I decided to pop over to the site and write up my findings.

Gina Homolka founded Skinny Taste in 2008 as a place to share her healthy recipes that don't sacrifice flavor.  She is also the photographer for the images on the site which showcase each recipe. 

The website pops with color and images of recipes from head to toe.  It is easy to navigate and set up in a way that one could spend hours browsing through recipes to try.  The website also features a discussion section where you can ask Gina your food questions, and join in the discussion.  It adds a personal touch that enjoy.  You can also save your recipes to a recipe box and create a shopping list.

I am not a gourmet chef, but I can follow a recipe so I love to grab recipes off the web from any place I can find that is healthy and wholesome.  Skinny Taste is on my list for sure!  Now excuse me while I add to my custom made cook book.

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