16 August 2011

PHAT Girl on a Diet

One of the many ways that I gather healthy lifestyle information is through my regular networking routine for Brooke Photo Studio.  I believe in connecting with everyone because you never know where your next client will come from, and I hope that people enjoy my photography even if they never bring any business my way.

While networking last week on Facebook I came across PHAT Girl on a Diet's Melissa and liked her story so much I asked her to do an interview for the blog with me. 

At over 1600 Likes on Facebook you are certainly an inspiration for many Weight Watchers users as well as people who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.  How long have you been on Weight Watchers?  Were you there when the program changed?  If so how has it modified the way you interact with the program? 
I have done Weight Watchers 3 times legitimately in the past, by paying for the meetings and once at home on my own. I’d lose about 15lbs and then quit. I would never give 100% and that is why the program never worked! In May, 2011 I decided that I would try again and this time promised myself to be successful. This was the first time that I was going to try Points Plus so I was excited to have a NEW program and FRESH start. I love the new Points Plus program!
What is a typical day in your life like?  
My typical day is waking up and if it’s a good day, I’ll get up and do a couple miles of the Leslie Sansome Walk at Home DVD. I’ll be honest, this is rare because I am NOT a morning person! Haha. I work 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. My have the same exact breakfast almost every day! English Muffin, 6 slices of deli fresh lunch meat and one slice of cheese. 5 points and lots of protein! Lunch is usually left overs from the night before’s dinner. I take a lunch and will usually take a walk on my lunch if its not blistering hot out! I average about 3miles on my walks at lunch time. I started smaller, at just 1 mile and worked my way up. I get off work and Mon-Weds I head straight to the gym where I love taking spin class! Then I will head home and prepare dinner with my fiancé J In the evenings and during the work day I try to get in as many extra steps as I can! I walk in place while I wait for my food to cook in the microwave, I ride a stationary bike under my desk during work hours to keep my legs moving, I always take the stairs, etc..
The recipes and meals on your Facebook page make me hungry!  What are your 3 most frequent meals / snacks?  Do you create your meals from experience, or is there somewhere on the web you frequent for inspiration? 
I LOVE skinnytaste.com and laaloosh.com! Some recipes I get from there and some I create. My fiancé is a chef so when I crave something, he will tell me how restaurants make it then I make the ingredient swaps to healthy ones. Our most recent swap was spicy chicken tenders. I wanted real, bar style hot chicken fingers. He told me how to make the sauce, and I baked the chicken instead of frying them. Then tossed them in a mix of franks red hott, light margarine and garlic and BAM! Tasted EXACTLY like real bar hot chicken fingers.

My top three recipes that we eat probably once every couple weeks would be:

1- Bakedzucchini sticks.  They taste just like French fries! Feed them to your children and they will love them!

2- SpinachLasagna Rolls.  So easy, so delicious!
3- BakedRanch Chicken.  When you bead chicken, throw some ranch packet in with your bread crumbs. It gives the ranch taste without adding any points. I promise you will not need to dunk in ranch when you eat it! Its amazing!
Tell me about your featured PHAT girl of the week?  How can someone get in touch with you if they would like to be featured?  
Our PHAT girl of the week is a spot light feature on one “healthy journey” a week. Some have lost weight, some have not. It doesn’t matter if you have lost 0lbs, 1lb or 140lbs. What matters is attitude! If you’d like to be considered for PHAT girl of the week, please email me your story and a couple pics or post on my Facebook Page wall if you have any questions!
Since talking with Melissa I have tried her favorite zucchini stick recipe and have to say that it is fantastic.  I even made it a second time without the bread crumbs to save on some more calories as well.  You can find PHAT Girl on a Diet on Facebook, go over and give her a like!


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