05 August 2011

Custom Cook Book

I am making my grocery shopping list and decided to search our a few new healthy recipes.  My husband and I have a system for dinner.  It is as follows :

1 - I search the web and print out recipes.
2 - If the not included, I use a recipe calculator like this one to write down the nutritional information.
3 - My husband goes through the recipes and he takes out all the ones he doesn't like and throws them in the recycle bin.
4 - We put the remaining sheets in the front of our cookbook.  Our cookbook is just a blank notebook that we use to keep track of recipes that we love.
5 - Time to cook dinner!
6 - If the recipe is fantastic we glue it in the cookbook, if it needs work we throw it away and search out something similar until we find one that we like.

This method has been fantastic for keeping track of new recipes, and creating a customized cookbook that we both enjoy.  I like to have the recipes printed out in a book so it is easy to cook with in the kitchen.  The image in this post is the actual book that we use that I photographed when it was still blank.

So I am off to the grocery store, and hopefully will have some good recipes to report next week.  AND one other thing you should know - my husband is the better cook so my research and ingredients will likely end up in his hands in the kitchen not mine!

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