12 August 2011

Tilapia Mango Tango

I recently discovered Tilapia Mango Tango in the frozen section of my local Walmart.  It is made by a company called Delitefuls, and is absolutely delightful!

I am normally not a huge fan of frozen fish since I live near the coast, but this product caught my eye because it was only $5.00 for two servings and each serving only has 250 calories.  Fish always gives me a great burst of energy and combined with the sweet fruit I knew I would get a lot of flavor for my calories and it would be easy on my wallet.

Tilapia is not a strong flavored fish so it takes on some of the mango flavor.  The beans add texture, and the rice sticks to my stomach to help get me through a busy work day.

Since discovering this product I have purchased it several times.  The portion makes a great lunch paired with a simple salad.  It is summer now so I am fond of diced cucumbers, and tomatoes with some salt pepper and thyme sprinkled on top.  Sometimes I add a little bit of low fat Italian dressing, but only if I am in the mood since the thyme usually does the trick.   


  1. Hi there! Annie from Letters to Mo following you back. I love fish and this looks so tasty. It can be so simple and easy to cook. It has such a beautiful flavor by itself, it doesn't need much more to make it delicious.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I am actually having this for lunch today :)