21 September 2011

Cooking for Two

Cooking for two can be a challenge so I am always on the lookout for good recipes that work for my husband and I.

Chicken recipes always work well because we buy our chicken breast organic and frozen in single breast servings so it is easy to take two out for dinner, or just one out if we are making a panini for lunch.  Over at Heart Healthy Living they have a delicious recipe for Apple Glazed Turkey that works well with turkey or chicken breasts.  Another good one from Delish is Grilled Chicken with Chipotle Orange Glaze.

Another good tip for cooking for two is when you buy meat in a quality larger then you can eat divide it up before freezing.  In our freezer you will find only two person sized portions of our favorite healthy meats such as pork tenderloin and chicken.

The freezer can be our best friend to not be wasteful when cooking in our less then family size portions.  A spicy can of chipotle peppers in adobo can go a long way if you freeze the leftovers.  You can even freeze wine in ice cube trays for quick and easy single serve portions.

One thing we do like to cook in bulk is tomato sauce.  My husband has been fortunate enough to learn a fantastic recipe from his family that he makes for us several times a year.  Pasta sauce makes the whole house smell good when simmered in a large pot all day.  Once it is finished and cooled off we store the excess in the freezer for quick and easy meals in the future.

Recipes that I find are often based on a family of four so I find that if I cut the ingredients in half that the portions are just right.  This works well for baking too.  My husband and I both like a good sweet from time to time, but keeping the portions under control is key for maintaining our healthy lifestyle.

Cooking for two can take some extra planning, but with some practice it becomes second nature.

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