22 September 2011

Walking for Exercise

If you are a regular reader you know that walking is one of the exercises that I enjoy the most.  My husband and I try to make walking part of our daily routine, and it really does add to our quality of life.  Fall is my favorite season to walk.  The air is crisp and the conversation is good.  There is no place I would rather be then on a nice long walk hand in hand with the love of my life.

For me it is not just about the exercise, it is about my quality of life.  Walking gives me time to reflect on the day, and a high quality of conversation with my husband.  There are no distractions, just us.  We often find interesting things on the side of the road, and have a long list of animals that have crossed our path.  We always talk about how nature seems to find us when we are out and about, but I think it is more that we take the time in our day to be with nature.

When I walk places that I normally visit by car I am always amazed at how different the scenery is.  Small details come forward, and I feel more connected to the place.

Currently we have just completed our move to South Carolina, and have some time before my husband starts his new job.  My first instinct was that we could explore the area on foot.  I began to make a mental list of all the places we could walk, and am so excited that we will have the extra time to do it.

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