20 September 2011

Shopping - Soy Candles

One of my favorite green living goods is soy candles.  They have a delightfully smooth texture, and burn longer then traditional candles.  After a long day of work there are not many things better then sitting down with my husband for some good conversation with the soft glow of a candle.
As many of you know I love to shop on Etsy, and one of my favorite soy candle shops is Green Illuminations.  I asked them to tell me a little about their business, and this is what they said.
Green Illuminations is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and we create items from recycled wine and beer bottles as well as wine corks. Our biggest sellers are our 100% soy wax and essential oil candles created from the bottles of the recycled bottles. We also sell wonderful hanging lanterns created from the tops of wine bottles. From corks we create trivets, keychains, magnets and more.

There are many benefits to using upcycled products, especially glass. A few of them are that the energy saved from recycling one ton of glass saves the equivalent of 10 gallons of oil, cuts related air pollution by up to 20% and water pollution by 50%. Recycling glass products are also great because a glass container can go from your recycling bin to a store shelf in as little as 30 days.

Visit Green Illuminations Shop and Save 10% with Coupon Code : cupcakesandcucumbers  You can also find Green Illuminations on Facebook.

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