19 September 2011

Documentary - Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

I recently watched the documentary entitled Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  It is the story of overweight Australian Joe Cross, and his journey back to a healthy lifestyle.  Like most people Joe was fit in his youth, but when his career took over he lost control and began to put on weight.  In this documentary Joe sets off for America on a road trip where he will detox with a juice only diet.  On this journey not only does Joe get back into shape, but he also gets a chance to speak with American's about their health.  This movie is inspirational for Joe's journey, but not as much for what the average American had to say about their diet.  People seemed willing to admit that they were fat and unhealthy by their own doing, but not willing to take any action to make a change.

Joe was able to find two American's to test out his diet and share their results.  One for just 10 days, and another is an astonishing story of how a trucker took this diet and changed his whole life from top to bottom.

I enjoy documentaries that share a journey, and this is one to put into that category.  I am not sure that a juice only diet is in my future, but you never know!

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