16 September 2011

Food Blogger Friday

I love food blogs!  I am drawn to the photography in a visual way, and love the recipes in a practical way.  With that said I thought I would take some time each Friday to feature some of the food blogs on my current reading list starting today!

Cheap Healthy Good
Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive.  I love this blog that takes a frugal outlook out healthy eating.  The recipe index is huge and could keep one busy for a long time.  They even have an article about 17 Healthy Meals with Chicken, and we all know how much I love chicken!

Eating Bird Food
I always like a blog with a quirky name so Eating Bird Food was one that caught my attention.  This blog is based on the notion that eating healthy doesn't have to taste bag and I agree 100%!  One of the best parts of this blog is the About Me page.  Brittany has had quite a journey from her childhood until present day.  The recipe section is pretty good as well.

Shots - NPR's Health Blog
For a more news based blog try NPR's Shots.  I enjoy the podcast and pop over here from time to time to do some old fashioned reading.  This is a health blog with a scientific twist that keeps me up to date with the latest health news.

Weird Vegetables
The Weird Vegetables Blog is just adorable.  I enjoy photographing and eating different vegetables so it is always fun to visit this blog and compare notes.  Not only can you discover some new foods to try, but this blog provides some recipes to go off as well.

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