15 September 2011

Farmers Markets - Local Harvest

Eating fresh local food is good for the environment, economy and your health.  Since I just arrived in South Carolina and am not familiar with the area I thought I would peek around the internet and see if there is a local farmers market in my neighborhood.

While searching I came across Local Harvest which is a great resource for people looking to find farmers markets all over the USA.  Not only can you search for Farmers Markets on the website you can also search for online shops, farms, restaurants, grocery co-op's, wholesale distributors, and meat processors as well.  I left the search clicked on All and punched in my zip code to see what I would find.

The first result was a local farmers market right near my new home!  The listing has a comprehensive description of what the market offers, hours and contact information.  This is perfect.  The next result is a handmade soap business followed by a hydroponic farm.  I am pleased to see so many listings for eating locally all right in my neighborhood.

This site is a quick and easy way to get to know the farms and farmers in your area.  I am excited to venture out and visit some of my new finds in the coming weeks!

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