14 September 2011

Moving Day - Keeping it Green

Today we pack up the moving truck to move from Coastal North Carolina to Coastal South Carolina!  It has been a busy week of packing, and trying to get in walks in all of my favorite outdoor spots.  I am looking forward to some new surroundings to walk in and the adventure ahead.

Moving can be a trash filled venture so here are some things we did to make our move as green as we could.

  • We didn't buy any new boxes!  We were able to source boxes from local restaurants and a liquor store.  When we arrive in South Carolina we will drop our used boxes off at a local recycling center.
  • I am still using plastic bins that I used to move years ago.  Each move I make I keep all of the bins in a safe spot for the next move.  They also come in handy for storing things like winter clothes and linens.  You can also rent boxes to move your goods.
  • Dishes and breakables got packed in clothing, linens and towels.  This limits trash when we arrive and keeps the cost of expensive bubble wrap down.  The only thing we sprung for bubble wrap was my crystal and china.
  • Plan ahead!  We were able to donate lots of things that we didn't need to our local Salvation Army.  When you drop off your donations don't forget to get a receipt for your taxes.
Wish us luck!  The next post will be from lovely South Carolina.

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