13 September 2011

Shopping - Custom Hemp Jewelry

I love browsing through Etsy and a few weeks back I met Rachel who has a green business selling custom hemp jewelry.  Here is what she had to say about her business and living green.

Hello My name is Rachel Steck and I sell Hemp Jewelry.
Living and shopping a green lifestyle is very important for so many reasons.  Buying green reduces your carbon footprint and can also save you money.  There are so many ways and reasons to be, shop and live green.  But the most important reason is so that we preserve this beautiful earth for many generations to come!  I minored in Environment sciences in college and it is a passion of mine.  The earth is so important to me!  I car pool whenever I can, drive a high MPG car, recycle, reuse many items that most people would throw away and buy items that have minimal packaging 
Also I sell handmade Hemp jewelry in a variety of colors, styles and with a variety of beads, pendants and charms.  Hemp is an eco friendly fiber that is one of the fastest grown bio-masses known.  This makes it a sustainable resource that is also biodegradable.  Hemp is also great for people with allergies to metals.   
One of my favorite items are my couples hemp bracelets.  I make them in a variety of styles with and without beads, and they are also my best seller.  
Another favorite of mine is Hemp Bracelet with White and Gold Glitter Beads.  This bracelet has so much character and spice that I wish I didn't have to sell it!  One of my friends, Melissa Beads, who sells on etsy handmade the beads for me.  She is so talented and I have many items with her beads on my site. 
I have a coupon code just for your readers for 25% off any item in my Etsy Shop! CUPCAKCUCUMBER

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