10 October 2011

Adventure in Santee Canal Park

Over the weekend I had a great adventure with my husband at Old Santee Canal Park in Moncks Corner, SC.  Not only does the park have a great variety of walking trails, but they also have a very affordable canoe rental service as well.  I have had it in my mind for quite some time that I wanted to rent a canoe and go for an adventure so this was the perfect opportunity.

The canal was full of plant life and algae so it was a good workout to paddle through the muck.  It took us about an hour and a half to paddle to the far end and then back.  While returning our paddles we were treated with an up close encounter with an alligator as seen in the photo.  We also walked some of the nature trails in the park which included wooded paths and some beautiful boardwalks.  It was fun to be able to walk along the path that we paddled through earlier in the day.

This kind of outing is my ideal form of weekend exercise - out in nature and something new.  I enjoy my weekday workouts, but it is much more fun to break things up on the weekend with something like this.  Not only did I get exercise, and have a little adventure, but I also got some quality time and conversation with my husband as well.

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