11 November 2011

Hard Work = Rewards

Soon after I completed yesterday's blog post I began to shoot my next client job.  It was a typical jewelry shoot full of sparkly gems.

But after that I started to unwrap the next job on my list, and it was items from a graphic designer from her portfolio -- some historical artifacts for me to photograph.  So now everything comes full circle as I work on this shoot.  I have a useful career, and every so often I get to touch a piece of history.  It is shoots like this where I know I made the right career choice.

If I had to give one tidbit of knowledge to those starting off it would have to be that hard work pays off.  Hard work is not quick or easy, but in the end it is well worth it.


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  4. Thanks Karla! I will make sure to check out your blog.

  5. How true ~ Bravo to you ~ ^_^ ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ( A Creative Harbor)

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  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by! I was in a nostalgic mood last week!