14 November 2011

Healthy Frozen Dinners

Being in the midst of my busy season at work, and with some looming overtime for my husband in the New Year I have been starting to think about some meals that I could cook and freeze for those days when we just don't want to cook, but would rather relax at home then go out.

Today is the day where I am starting to gather knowledge on the topic, and I am sure as I learn and experiment there will be more blog posts to come.

First from experience I know I am going to need some supplies.  I like to use disposable plastic containers to store my frozen foods, but you can also use plastic storage bags.  I found that most stores have a generic brand that is cost effective, and works just as well as the name brand.

When I make my recipes I like to under cook them slightly to make up for the microwaving afterwards.  I am usually in a rush and use the microwave at a low power to slowly reheat my food, but my husband likes to take that extra step and reheat frozen meals in a pan on the stove.  Throwing in some extra herbs and spices during this step gives the meal a nice freshly cooked feeling.

Freezing meals for use later can be as simple as cooking your favorite meals, and throwing them in the freezer, but some meals work better then others.

Pasta Sauce, and anything cooked in it like lasagne, backed ziti, etc.
Fruits, especially berries and bananas.
Lean Meats
Whole Grains

Not Freezer Friendly
Leafy Vegetables
Cream Based Recipes

Perhaps the most important tip when you embark on some freezer friendly recipes is to make what you will use within about a month's time.  Leaving food frozen any longer in your freezer can lead to freezer burn, and won't be as tasty as you had planned.

Now that the topic is on my brain I will look out for some new recipes to try and report back in a few weeks on how I did!

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