01 November 2011

Revitalizing Your Home

Part of having a healthy life is having a healthy home.  There is the usual house cleaning that we all do - although some more often then others!  Another way to revitalize your home is to rearrange bits and pieces to give your space a fresh look.

Today I did a mini revitalizing session, working mostly with photo frames and objects on tables.  Visually it freshens up the space, and mentally it makes my home feel even cleaner.  I can't wait to snuggle up on the couch later with some hot chocolate and enjoy my home.  The best part - I didn't spend a single penny.

Here are some quick & easy ways to revitalize your home

1 - Move decorations from one area of the home to another.  For example take the photos, and objects from a table in your hallway and switch them with a table in your living room.
2 - Change your frames.  Move frames from the wall to a table, and those on tables to the wall.  If you plan ahead you can do an easy switch without nailing any new holes.  Switch artwork from one room to another to change the look in each one.
3 - Get those boxes of photos out and change out your frames.  Sprinkle in new family photos with classics that have been hanging up for awhile.
4 - Group like objects together into mini-collections.  Edit your groupings so your objects look like decorations, not like a shelf in a retail boutique.
5 - Moving large furniture can be a pain in the neck, but small pieces like lamps and end tables are good candidates for quick swaps.
6 - Use stacks of books all in the same shade of a color as quick decorative elements.  Turn them so the pages face out so the color is the focus, not the title on the spine.
7 - Clear out clutter!  Donate some of the "stuff" around your home, and then arrange what is left to create a cleaner more modern look.  Don't forget to get a receipt to use as a tax deduction when you make your donation!
8 - Pick one theme for each room and remove all of the objects that don't fit within that theme.  Take what is left and move around to create a cohesive look.
9 - Sew or purchase new slip covers for your throw pillows.  Add a seasonal splash of color or try something new.  Slipcovers are easy to change and can create a new look and feel for the room.
10 - Clean your windows inside and out - you will be surprised how much more light you get in a room with sparkly clean windows!


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