03 November 2011

Santa Fe Style Chicken Salad

This recipe is for a healthy Santa Fe Style Chicken Salad with the help of the trusty crock pot. It is a combination of other recipes that I like tweaked for my tastes.

First pull out your crock pot and grab your ingredients.

2 Chicken Breasts (I like to use organic)
3 Fresh Scallions Sliced
1 Can* of Corn
1 Can* of Black Beans
1 Can* of Tomatoes with Green Chiles
2 tbsp Cumin
2 tbsp Garlic Salt
3 tbsp Powdered Chipotle Pepper
1 Fat Free Chicken Broth Bullion Cube
1.5 Cups of Water
2 Hearts of Romaine Lettuce

Optional : You can add toppings at the end like cheddar cheese, jalapeno peppers, low fat sour cream, avocado, etc.

*Somewhere around 15oz will work for the size on the canned goods. If you really like one ingredient more then the others feel free to mix up the proportions.

First mix together the black beans, corn, tomatoes with green chiles, scallions, cumin, garlic salt and half of the chipotle pepper directly in your crock pot. Put aside and put your bullion cube in a glass with the water and microwave for 1 minute. Stir to dissolve. Add the bullion cube and water mixture to the ingredients you have already mixed. Place the chicken on top and sprinkle with the remaining chipotle pepper - add more if you want to make the recipe extra spicy. Cook on low for 6 hours. When the cooking is complete take out the chicken and slice on a plate.  Scoop out the solids, and discard the liquids. Scoop vegetable mixture on top of chopped romaine lettuce and add sliced chicken on top for a delightful, easy and healthy salad. Makes 2 servings.


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