02 December 2011


When I get the chance to photograph less common foods I always jump on it.  This fennel was so beautiful and fresh in the grocery store that I couldn't resist it even though it is a little pricy compared to other vegetables.  The best time of year to find fennel in your supermarket is June - August.

If you are a gardener plant fennel seeds in the spring after the last frost.  Keep in bright sun and water frequently.

Fennel can be used as a cooking ingredient in bulb for as shown or in the form of dried seeds.  The outer portion of the bulb can be sliced into salads, or saute it with some olive oil and serve as a side dish.  Fennel is also the perfect flavor addition to roasted vegetables, soups and stews.

A quick search on the internet will yield a wide variety of recipes, or try adding fennel to one of your favorites.

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  1. Oh I love fennell and that one is a beauty! Thanks for joining our cafe blog hop. I'm here to follow you too!

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  2. I couldn't resist it in the grocery store!

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