12 January 2012

Apples & Books

I enjoy photographing books, and also reading books and articles to educate myself about a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy eating was on my mind when I came up with the concept for this image, but I also thought the theme would work well for health care laws that come in and out of the news quite frequently.

I enjoy a good thick hardcover book, and like how the words are vast, but not the focus of the image.  The apple in this image was just the perfect shape and shade of red to scream the keywords: food, health, education!  Images such as this are the perfect addition to my photography collection.  They have meaning to me as I photograph them which inspires my day, but they are also generic enough to be used for a variety of other purposes.


  1. Hi Brooke -

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I'm here to follow you back! :)

    That picture makes me want and apple...

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I have a green apple on my to-snack list for later this afternoon ;)

  3. Cool blog. I found you on Happy-Go-Lucky's blog hop. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts

  4. Alicia - thanks for stopping by! I am on my way over to check out your blog right now.

  5. Picture you have used is lovely and yes reading books and gathering knowledge is a never ending process and it should never stop also. I liked your concept in photography, its different.

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  6. Thanks for stopping by & the compliment!