19 January 2012

Frozen Dinners

Frozen dinners don't often taste good, but I am visually fascinated by how they look when they come out of the box.  I bought this frozen spaghetti and meatballs dinner by Lean Cuisine not for eating, but instead for photographing. 

There is something about the separation of elements that really appeals to me.  The naked spaghetti on one side, and ice crusted meatballs floating on top of red sauce on the other.  Frozen meals tend to hold their tray shape when you pop them out creating a smooth outline for a meal that thawed would be quite a mess.

I am most fascinated by frozen foods that are considered traditional American classics.  Blocks of vegetables, and dinners representing our favorite comfort foods.  I always think back to the dawn of frozen food and picture people in the past eating comforting meals in front of their TV trays.  I am also interested in people who cook food in bulk and then freeze it for later.  I do it with pasta sauce, but haven't gone much further with the idea.  Something to add to my future to-do list.

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  1. we don't eat frozen foods here b/c I cook evry night and they are soo expensive!! but may times I frreeze dinners and have them 2 wks later..chilli, chicken, soups....and then I am so happy to just have to defrost!! Good luck taking those pictures!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! My husband isn't into soup so I am at a loss for what to freeze. We are going to try some stuffed peppers this weekend and see how they work out.