31 January 2012

Keeping Creativity Flowing

As a photographer my work life is dependent on my creativity.  Unlike a novelist who might sit with writers block for days or even weeks, my career is all about creativity on demand.  I must come up with creative product photography solutions of my clients, and between client work I must keep on producing sellable stock images to add to my portfolios and keep those monthly checks rolling in.

I get asked all the time -- how do I do it?!  Here are some ways I keep creative on days when it isn't coming naturally.

1) JUST DO IT - Whatever it is you do, just do it!  I will force myself to pick up the camera and start photographing objects around the studio.  I will end up deleting many of these images, but often the photo shoot will evolve into a much larger project.

2) Take Breaks - It is important to take some breaks to clear your head during the day.  I like to take a few 5-10 minute breaks during my day to go outside and get some fresh air, or to practice some yoga poses.  This not only keeps my body limber, but also clears my mind allowing for fresh thoughts to come through.

3) Keep it Clean - I work better in a clean environment.  I find that by taking the time to clean up my studio each and every day allows me to focus on work tasks when I come in the next morning instead of having cleaning chores in the back of my mind.

4) Have a Side Project - Having a personal side project that is not within your field can open your mind to new ideas in the work arena as well.  I try to keep some hobbies in my life that are just for fun, not for profit.

5) Keep an Idea Wall - Having a cork board or mobile that you keep inspiring images can give creativity a jolt.  Collect images from magazines, or photograph things in your world.  I have one that I change out often as I find new inspiration, and my ideas evolve.

What do you do to keep creative?  I'd love to hear!

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  1. To keep creative, I tend to have many irons in the fire at once. I love photography, beading, writing, and working with mosaic tiles. Photography is the hobby I am most passionate about. I would love to be good enough to sell some prints, but it's a tough market & I wouldn't even know where to begin. I am a paralegal, by trade. I found your blog from Flock Together's Tuesday button hop. Following you now. Have a great day!!

  2. @Melissa - That is a great tip! You should check out my Photography page for some ideas on where to sell your images if you are interested in moving in that direction.

  3. New follower here! Would love to have you follow me back!

  4. @Alex - just popped over to visit your blog!