23 January 2012

An Organic Wife

An Organic Wife is a blog that I frequent, and a blogger that I interviewed.  I wanted to give Cristina a little shout out on Cupcakes & Cucumbers today because she is a finalist in the Celebrate with Organic contest.  If you get a chance check out her blog, and then give her a vote!

Here's a little bit about Cristina of An Organic Wife :

I celebrate organic every day, by using fresh, organic ingredients, local when possible. I celebrate the onions that make me cry, I celebrate the zucchini that I bought too much of, and I celebrate the farmer who grew it. Organic means no synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, but it means so much more. It means I have a connection with my food. When I support organic, I support safety for the environment, my body, and the growers who brought it to my table. So, I take time every day to make meals for myself and my husband from scratch, using ingredients I am proud of and am blessed to have access to. I give silent thanks for these gifts from the Earth – gifts that haven’t been tainted and haven’t traveled far. But the best way I know to celebrate organic is to eat my dinner, and enjoy every bite.
Also don't forget to read the interview we did on the blog at this link.

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