24 January 2012

Frozen, Fresh & Canned Carrots

Carrots are one of those vegetables that I enjoy eating and photographing in a variety of ways.  They are simple, colorful, healthy, and taste good too.  They aren't my favorite vegetable so I don't think of picking them up unless I have a recipe in mind, but whenever I cook them I always wonder why I don't grab carrots in the grocery store more often.

Raw carrots are the most versatile to me.  I enjoy the crunch of a raw vegetable without any additions, or alongside a great dip.  Stonewall Kitchen makes a delicious vegetable dip mix that is perfect for parties or a movie night at home.  I like to mix it with fat free cream cheese when I make it to cut down on the calories.  My favorite use of the fresh carrot might just have to be a sweet carrot cake!  I like to cut the calories down though, so I go with this recipe from Cooking Light that cuts the calories in a piece of cake down from 1460 calories per slice to 284 calories per slice. 

If you are on a budget canned or frozen carrots are also a great option for enjoying this vegetable.  Canned carrots taste with just a smidge of brown sugar baked in the oven or cooked on the stove.  I also like them just heated up and served as a simple side dish.  When it comes to frozen stir fry is the first use that always comes to my mind.  Keeping some frozen vegetables, and rice on hand always makes for a quick and easy meal.  You can make a stir fry with a recipe, a sauce from the grocery store, or what I like to do is simply add a little soy sauce to the mix and cook in a wok until heated throughout.

While I am on the topic of carrots there is a really fun carrot resource at the World Carrot Museum that I discovered while I wrote this post.  It offers recipes, nutritional information, and history.  I am always curious on the history of foods, and really enjoyed the detailed history on their website.

If you have a favorite carrot recipe please feel free to share a link! I am always looking for new ways to cook old favorites.

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  1. Ok, I really love your food photos! Your blog premise is such a neat idea. And boy, do we have some serious carrot lovin' kids in my house :)

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  4. Here is my carrot cake recipe: http://www.anorganicwife.com/2011/05/recipe-77-carrot-cake.html
    Honestly I'm not even a big fan of carrots, or carrot cake, but everyone seems to love this recipe!

  5. I like fresh best ;.)

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    The World Carrot museum? Who knew! Stopping in to say hey from the hop - hope you can visit soon (I already follow)

  9. I am a follower of yours too Shauna. Also very intrigued by the Carrot Museum. I told my husband we need to plan a trip to the UK!

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  13. Canned carrots always remind me of a long-gone cafeteria-style restaurant at a local mall; my mom used to take me there to eat when I was small, and I always got a dish of hot carrots with my meal.

  14. Erin - That is such a cute story! Thanks for sharing.