27 February 2012

Uses for Q Tips

Q Tips are something that most people have around the home, including me.  The everyday nature of these simple objects was the inspiration when I took this photograph on simple white with a mirror.

In honor of simplicity, and the cotton swab here are some useful applications for this unique product.

  1. Dip in rubbing alcohol to clean hard to reach places on electronics.
  2. Use a disposable paintbrush for children's art projects or to touch up a painting.
  3. Keep in your purse for a make up touch up tool.
  4. Dip in soapy water to for hard to reach housecleaning spots.  This works especially well on details of basebaords.
  5. Pull off the cotton ends, and use the stick to scrape mud out of your hiking boots.
  6. Q tips are prefect for getting intricate details when shining silver or refinishing furniture.
  7. Make portable perfume applications.  Spray some perfume on the ends of the swab, and store in a plastic bag until ready to use.
  8. The sticks can be used for art projects, or as lollypop stick in candy making.
  9. Perfect glue applicator for small spaces.
  10. Apply face paint on Halloween or at a birthday party.
I love products with multiple uses!

PS - The meal plan will be out tomorrow - we had several occasions to eat out last week so dinner for tonight is covered.


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  7. I love this! I hadnt thought about all the different uses, though I do it from time to time.
    With kids, we put vasoline on them and use them to put it in their nose (dry noses and nose bleeds) putting it just in the nose, keeps it moist.

    I'm a new G+ follower.


  8. @Regina - that's a great addition to the list!

    @Malia & Regina - I will check out both of your blogs :)

  9. meal plan???? I'm new here as you know so I'm wondering. I am always looking for ways to eat better.

  10. @Michelle you can find all my meal plan posts here : http://cupcakecucumber.blogspot.com/search/label/mealplan