15 March 2012

5 Useful Tips for Planning Spring Cleaning

The sun is shining, and the flowers are out so of course spring cleaning is on my mind!  My husband and I are neat people by nature so for us spring cleaning is not something we do just once a year.  Here are 5 good tips to get you started with your plan to make this seasons cleaning spree a success!
  1. One Room at a Time - Don't plan to clean your entire house all on one day.  Split up the project by room, and tackle one room at a time.  When you have more time to deep clean you can be more thorough, and most of the time end up with a neater finished product.  I like to start on one end of the house and work my way to the other side.
  2. Shop in Advance - Make a list of what you need, and shop in advance.  Multiple trips to the store can be a distraction to cleaning and keep you from finishing your project.  Think about going green this year with your cleaning supplies, and don't forget to have extra storage containers on hand to organize as you go.  If you find yourself yearning for a shopping trip in the middle of a cleaning project don't just drop everything and go!  Get everything else in the room finished first to increase the likelihood that you will be able to finish the job after your shopping trip and not leave it for another day.
  3. Set Time Aside - Our lives are busy, so if you don't set aside specific time to clean then you may not find any time at all.  I like to set aside Saturday's and work through my rooms for as many weeks as it takes to get the entire house finished.  This still gives me Sunday to relax, and by tackling only 1 room at a time I can usually get enough done by early afternoon to feel accomplished for the day.
  4. Don't Forget to Donate - As you clean each room keep a box with items you no longer use to donate to a local charity.  If you opt for a yard sale instead price low to sell everything.  Don't keep the unsold items for next year - that just adds clutter back into your home!  Instead after your yard sale is complete take any unsold items to a local charity.  Do this the same day as your yard sale to ensure that you get it done.
  5. Keep it Fun - Spring cleaning doesn't have to be a chore!  Enlist the help of a husband or roommate to make the tasks go quicker.  Play your favorite music in the background and sing your way to a cleaner home.

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  1. I have a closet full of stuff to donate right now, from starting my spring cleaning. =)

    I found your blog via the Thirsty Thursday blog hop, and I'm glad I did. I love the sleek look of your layout, and the tips are amazing! =)

    You can come see me at www.theinklingsoflife.com if you'd like.


  2. I am always looking for tips on cleaning and getting organized. My friends homes all seem to be spotless and clutter free like something you see on Desperate Housewives :) I like the idea of tackling just one room at a time. It all gets a bit overwhelming otherwise and nothing seems to get done. Thanks for the blog and the post. I'm following from the Thirsty Thursday blog hop.

  3. Thanks Claire & Tatted Mom for dropping by! I will be stopping by to peruse your blogs as well.

  4. Hi, your post has motivated me to start my spring cleaning!

  5. Thanks! I am working on my to-do list as we speak!