04 August 2011

Thoughts from the Elliptical

Here I am at my usual gym routine on the elliptical. An hour is my normal workout and I usually burn around 500 calories.

I have a gym that is walking distance so I generally don't even bring my mobile with me to catch an hour of tech free life, but today I decided it would be a great way to test the email posts feature on my brand new blog.

I had some obstacles to working out this morning. First I ended up with two different color socks, second I left my water bottle at the pool with a friend a few days ago, fourth I am sore from yesterdays strength training workout,  and fourth my ipod charger is currently not working!

The third problem is the largest because now I need to find another way to kill the boredom.  It can be hard at times to keep a routine, but I am here because I know it will give me good energy for the day and when it gets to dinnertime I won't have to feel guilty.

So here I go!

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