04 August 2011

Cucumber Not Cupcake Diet

Here is the visual inspiration for this blog - an image I fondly like to call Cucumbers Not Cupcakes Diet.  It is a conceptual image that I took for my microstock portfolios in 2010 with some delicious small cucumbers and a plastic cupcake wrapper that has come in useful for several photo shoots.

I am a photographer, but I also like to live a healthy lifestyle so this blog is founded as a place for me to share the lifestyle tips that I come across in my continuing effort to keep myself educated and I conveniently have lots of photography to accompany my posts!

I am open to questions, and topic suggestions.  I am not an health expert, but I do have a background in research before I went into photography so I will do what I can to help you out and hopefully learn something along the way.

And on a side note for this first post - I don't have anything against cupcakes!  I enjoy them in moderation.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing with your readers how you came up with your blog title. I love it! Very creative and intriguing! Well done! Blessings!