14 October 2011

Interview with being LA

I discovered the blog being LA via my network at Foodbuzz, and was intrigued so I thought I would ask Lara and Alicia a few questions and share the interview with you.  Enjoy!

Who is behind the blog being LA and what is your mission?
Identical twin sisters, Lara and Alicia (“LA”)!  We began the being LA blog as a way to encourage and inspire young women to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. We’re like every other 20-something—we’re busy juggling work, keeping up with our social lives, trying to stay in shape and eat healthy, and paying the bills!  Ultimately, our goal is to empower women to live consciously and that starts by taking care of yourself through food, fitness and fun!

What is being LA?
being LA is a lifestyle.  being LA is a blog.  being LA is a nutrition and fitness consulting company for women.  being LA imparts the knowledge, tools and support for living and loving a healthy lifestyle to women through each of these avenues.

    being LA promotes a lifestyle that embraces 3 core beliefs:

  • Being aware of who you are.
  • Recognizing possibility.
Check out more on the being LA philosophy here.

How long have you been blogging, and what is your favorite part of the blogging process?
We officially launched the blog over Labor Day weekend 2011, so it’s very new!  At first, we were a little intimidated by the blogging process and because we’re newcomers to the blogging community, but we quickly found it to be extremely rewarding!  It’s so amazing to hear from readers that they loved a certain recipe or that they tried one of our workouts.  It makes all the behind-the-scenes work so worth it!  Sharing our lifestyle also helps keep us accountable to what we teach and preach.

One of our focuses over at cupcakes & cucumbers is fitness, can you tell us about your be FIT Makeover?
Sure!  As certified personal trainers and certified holistic health coaches, we put together programs that enable women to lose weight, gain energy, find balance, build self-esteem, understand how to train and eat for their bodies, implement healthy lifestyle changes and more.  The be FIT Makeover is the ultimate fitness coaching program.  With one-on-one personal training sessions, it’s designed to enhance and tone your body in the short-term. And with our customized daily fitness program and curriculum, it gives you a road map for a future FIT lifestyle so you can maintain a strong, trim physique on your own.  We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all plan; we consider your experiences, struggles and fitness/figure-related goals as we develop a customized fitness plan for you.  You can read more about the be FIT Makeover and other being LA programs here.
Can you share a quick, easy and healthy recipe?
We LOVE baked goods, probably too much.  Give us anything with the words “brownie”, “cookie”, or “muffin” and you have our full attention!  So we’re always looking for ways to make healthier versions of our favorite desserts.  One of our all-time favorite recipes is our Walnut-Brownie Energy Bites.  The recipe contains only 6 ingredients and requires no baking!  These bites are perfect as a sweet treat or as a pre-workout snack.  Find the recipe here.

Where do you find inspiration?
A lot of our inspiration comes from other bloggers, their stories and how they triumphed over their personal struggles.  Also, seeing our grandma and mother overcome their health struggles through their commitment to eating a clean diet and staying active is a huge source of inspiration for us.  Being able to workout side-by-side with our grandma is INCREDIBLE!

When you are not blogging where can we find you?
You can find us scouring the aisles of Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Mother’s Market.  Otherwise, you’ll probably find us rollerblading, traveling, doing spin, or playing with our dog Charlie.  Lara loves fashion, Ashtanga yoga and music.  Alicia is obsessed with bathing suits and The History Channel and loves watching football.  She also adds mushrooms to everything!

Do you have any social networking links you'd like to share?
Yes! Please visit us on our Facebook page and “like” our page!
Follow us on twitter too!  @beingLA
And thank you so much for having being LA on {cupcakes & cucumbers}!

In one sentence describe your future.
Our dream is to one day be advocates for women’s health on a national level, publish our 20-something lifestyle book, and be the first twins on the cover of Oxygen Magazine.

And we love…
  • Sprinkles cupcakes
  • Self-myofascial release (foam roller)
  • Bravo’s The Real Housewives (all of the series)
  • Harrod’s scones
  • Yves Saint Laurent lip gloss
  • RJ’s Raspberry Licorice Logs & cinnamon bears (Lara)

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