07 December 2011

Going Green

Going Green is something I think about on a regular basis, and a theme that shows up in my stock photography as well.  On a personal level I see several challenges in the process of leading a greener life.

1.  Education
2.  Cost
3.  Availability

In the news we are constantly bombarded with stories about greener living, but they do not always give us the tools we need to make a lifestyle change.  The simple things like using energy saving light bulbs are obvious, but the benefits of using organic cotton sheets are more elusive requiring some personal research.  I am a researcher by nature so I take going green one thing at a time.  If I am shopping for cleaning products I will do some reading on that area.  I keep going green top of mind, and over time I become more and more educated, and able to make more changes in my lifestyle.

Cost is always a factor!  When considering organic foods I am very price conscious.  I chose to spend extra on organic produce and dairy, while purchasing other goods in the grocery store that may have more preservatives then I would like.  Food is something I am very conscious of, while I wouldn't necessarily spend extra money on eco-friendly paint for some home improvement even though I know the benefits.  I do not have the means to entirely transform my life, but I feel good about making small changes.

Lastly, is the availability category.  If I can buy something at Target or Whole Foods I am much more likely to make the purchase for the environment then if I have to order it on-line.  For me I like to shop in as few trips as possible, and searching out goods online is more of a chore sort of like paying bills.  As time progresses organic and eco-friendly goods are becoming more available, and as a result push my buying tendencies in that direction.

I would be hard pressed to say that I am 100% anything.  I enjoy taking what I know about the world around me and applying it to my lifestyle as I see fit.  I am also a believer that keeping certain aspects of life like eating healthy and going green top of mind helps me move in the right direction.  So I will continue to research, and implement my discoveries in my day to day life.


  1. The little changes help more than you know. Thank you so much for making the effort :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog! I am a big believer in little steps to get to big changes.

  3. Follow you back. Thanks for the visit.

  4. So pleased to connect with your very special blog. Understand the dilemma you are expressing about going `green'. I too have found it a gradual journey and just when I have begun to feel smug about doing things right another piece of information will come forward and show I need to extend my green effort in a new direction. Never seem to get there but do keep trying each day for both us and the planet.

  5. Thanks for coming by Jessica & Greenearth!