08 December 2011

Podcasts On My Playlist

I enjoy getting news and education from Podcasts.  I often get asked what my reading list looks like so I thought I would take a moment to share it with you.

The Age of Persuasion - From the CBS, this is a podcast that talks about advertising throughout history.

NPR: Environment - Keeps me up to date with the latest environmental news.  I also listen to the Health and Technology podcasts from NPR.

NPR: Story of the Day - These stories are varied in topic, and quick to listen to.

This American Life - My FAVORITE.  Ira Glass talks on subjects of everyday life with everyday Americans.  When I am low on things to listen to I often buy old episodes which run $0.99 each.

Radiolab - This one would have to be my second favorite.  It is a science based podcast that touches on everyday life and social issues as well.  It does not broadcast as frequently as I'd like it to, but when it comes out it it at the top of my to-listen list.

These are my basics.  I am always searching for new additions to listen to and often add and delete items.  I like having something in the background when I work, and anything that can educate or inspire me in some way is my preference.

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