09 January 2012

Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerling potatoes are a frequent food in my pantry, and have also served as the subject for several images in my stock photography portfolios.

I was initially attracted to the potatoes because of their size and color.  In the produce isle I like to chose items with a variety of colors, and can't resist smaller versions of more traditional foods.  The best part about the size of these potatoes is that they cook quickly - even if you leave them whole.

My favorite way to cook these little potatoes is in the roasting pan with a whole chicken with some simple salt and pepper.  They are also delicious when boiled with about 2 cups of salt.  By adding the extra salt to the water a crust of salt is formed on the outside of the potato making it the perfect side dish for a casual burger or sandwich.  Another method I enjoy is using fingerling potatoes to make traditional mashed potatoes.  Be warned that they do take on a purple hue from the purple potatoes in the bunch, but if your senses can get past the nontraditional color they are fantastic.

Anyone who knows me well knows that just about everything that comes into my home gets photographed - including dinner!  It satisfies both my love for simple food photography as well as having supplies to create a delicious meal after the work day.


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